Create your dream life by attending JT Foxx events

I’ve just spent an entire weekend at a JT Foxx event in Zurich. I can tell you, every minute inside the conference room on this beautiful June weekend was worth it. Listening to JT Foxx and his family is a treat for your mind and all the unfulfilled dreams in your heart. One year ago, I’d have laughed at myself if I heard myself say that I would sacrifice one of my precious free weekends to attend two days filled with presentations. Especially on such a lovely weekend, on which I could have gone swimming in the lake, have a bbq with friends and work on my book later in the evening. But I decided to trade in this freedom and even feel good about it. Not only good, I feel ecstatic that I can learn from the people at the JT Foxx events. Again they pushed me to forge ahead with taking my writing to the next level and become better at what I love to do.

jt foxx inspires

Curious who this guy is and how he can help you reach your goals? Read on.

Three reasons why attending JT Foxx events will make your life better

  1.  be inspired: when you attend one of JT Foxx events you will be deeply “wowed”.
  2.  become happier: when you listen to JT Foxx he manages to transfer his positivity over to you.
  3.  finally believe in yourself: JT Foxx and his organization will give you so many valuable inputs that you leave the event stronger. You will have the feeling that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I’m sounding like I quote a movie teaser, right? But these words are based on my own experience. I had to share my opinion of JT Foxx events with you so that when you read or hear his name you will take the chance life (or Facebook advertising) has handed to you. Click on that advertisement and be wowed as well.

jt foxx events

But who is JT Foxx?

JT Foxx – The Millionaire Underdog

JT Foxx got the ball of his success rolling when he moved from Canada to the US in his twenties with $947 on his bank account. He did everything it takes to establish a strong brand for himself and before turning thirty he has made 10 million dollars by building various business empires and his success and ideas haven’t stopped there. Today celebrities like Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone are regulars at JT Foxx events.

stallone with jt foxx

How JT Foxx has helped me and how he can help you

Everybody has a dream. Perhaps yours is to be able to work from home and spend half the day with your kids. Or you want to be able to travel full time while having a SWISS income. SWISS meaning Sales While I Sleep Soundly 🙂 Whatever your dream is, JT Foxx will give you inputs and show you how to reach your goals. Plus, once you frequent with the people who attend JT Foxx events you have the nice side effect that you have a huge network of successful people who are looking out for each other.

So, how is JT Foxx helping me? I’m working full time as a high school teacher and I wrote and published two novels and a travel guide for Thailand in the past year. I travel 10 weeks a year and I’m pretty happy with my life. That’s also what I get to hear from other people: “Wow, Seraina, I don’t know how you do all these things. When do you sleep? And I wished I could travel as much as you.” Then, I think ‘yes, you are right’. I clap myself on the shoulder and go dance salsa all night, surely sleeping in the next day. But JT Foxx pushes me to do more work in the 24 hours of a day to reach my goals faster. Further, JT is THE ROLE MODEL to learn how to sell and grow your business. No matter what you want to sell or what your business is. For example, at one JT Foxx event, I picked up a useful strategy for selling my books on Amazon.

amazon bestseller

Yes, my book made it to #1 (you find all my books under the author name S. L. Giger)

So, where can you meet JT Foxx?

jt foxx and I

Become part of the JT Foxx family

Check to find out more about JT Foxx events. However, better be an action taker and take the next opportunity JT Foxx is creating for you. Today he sounded as if he has enough coaching students all over the world and therefore needs to cut back on coaching and events. If you are too eager to learn from him and can’t wait until the next opportunity arises, read his book Millionaire Underdog – How to start, grow and explode any business. #MillionaireUnderdog

millionaire underdog

What was the most useful piece of advice you have received from an inspiring person? Comment below.

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  1. Wow I really enjoyed your post. JT Foxx at Mega Speaker really changed my life. Who you spend time and learn from is who you become.

  2. Wow I also attended a JT Foxx Mega Speaker and I was so inspired. I now also speak and coach. I got my first 11 clients since the event 2 month ago in London. JT Foxx, is truly the most inspired no BS speaker I have ever seen Also his network of clients is so big and such high quality. I can’t wait to go to the JT Foxx Family Reunion 3. JT Foxx Mega Speaker is a must if people want t change their lives and businesses. In 2 month it already changed mine. Thank you for your blog it confirmed what I already knew and it inspired me.

  3. Great blog!
    Gut strukturiert, schön übersichtlich, die Inhalte knackig auf dem Punkt. Echt fein!

    My fascination is to find out the unconscious reasons of fail. Do you like to see how I do this in a few moments? Watch the Video in my Blog and read it 🙂 you will be excited 🙂 an in a few days I tell you how you get rid of inner crash-points.

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