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SwissMiss on Tour is an exploreSwissMiss on Tour Monument Valley USAr with a constant wanderlust and love for making new experiences, seeing beautiful places and eating good food. I have 25 years of experience in travelling and doing weekend activities (thanks to my parents who always took us swimming, skiing, sleigh riding and hiking (which I didn’t like at that time). Now people come to me to ask for travel and fun activities related advice.

It would be great if we could make this blog even better through a collaboration.


Ideas how you could work with me:

work with swissmiss on tour

  • Guest post on my blog and let me write a guest post on yours
  • Invite me to your hotel/hostel/B&B/restaurant and I will write a review
  • Let me partake in the activity you offer and I will write about it
  • Sponsor me with travel material and I will write a review (I need a new camera lense and a better travel sized laptop)
  • Maybe you have an idea I haven’t even thought of?

Please, contact me through my contact form (here) or on



On my list are: South America, Philippines (going in July!), Laos (going in October 😊), Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Any suggestions, recommendations for the mentioned places?

Please, leave a comment.