The Swiss Adventure Escape

Your own Amazing Race – Have the vacation of your lifetime


Do you know the American TV show Amazing Race? I had the idea to create something similar for Switzerland but without the stress from the TV show.

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Do the Swiss Adventure Escape:

You will travel around Switzerland for 7 days, get to solve fun riddles and have adventures. All this, while enjoying the beauty of Switzerland. Have a look at the pictures on this page. This is what you would get to see with your own eyes.

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What’s included?

  • 6 nights in hotels or b&bs
  • 7 organized days of travel, adventure exercises, riddles and fun
  • all transportation within Switzerland
  • all fun activities
  •  tipps to each city (for example how to find good and cheap places to eat, what to do in your free time etc.)

Your will recieve your first task when you get off the plane in Zurich or arrive at your first Swiss train station. The program starts at 9 am on the first day. If you have a really early flight, you can start THE SWISS ADVENTURE ESCAPE on the same day. Otherwise, I’ll arrange an extra night for you and you will have some free time in Zurich and surroundings on the first day. Bonus: Your transportation pass will already be valid because it includes 8 days of travel. If you don’t need your travel pass in the beginning, you can use the extra day at the end.

At the moment, this project is only in the testing phase and therefore will be offered at a discounted price of CHF 1050 per person (priced based on two people travelling together and sharing a room). I’ll only offer it at this price for the first 5 couples who sign up. I can also help you with booking a flight.

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Book your Swiss Adventure Escape now

If you have any questions or want to arrange a booking contact me at

Earliest bookings can be placed in the first week of October.

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