Heart of Power – Awakening of the Siren

Heart of Power: Awakening of the Siren: A paranormal romance novel series with a touch of magic

Heart of Power: Awakening of the Siren

Despite being a mystical beauty with supernatural powers beyond any human abilities, there is this one guy who manages to completely get under her skin.

17-year-old Serena can’t escape her true destiny any longer. She is transformed into a Siren and has to get used to a new name, new powers and constantly attracting every man’s glance. Guided by her new family members, she faces the challenge of attending High School among humans without appearing different. When Alex, the most attractive guy, reciprocates her love, she seems to finally accept her fate.
However, two secrets are yet to be revealed, and Serena has to make a tough choice.

This is the compelling first novel in the Heart of Power trilogy. S. L. Giger manages to add a refreshing breeze to fantasy by successfully introducing us to the world of Sirens in our modern age.

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Vicotria Palmer’s Reviews: 

A 17 year old high school girl, a secret destiny to discover. What could go wrong? A great YA read, especialy for the teen girl set. Plenty of everything to love: action, mystery, suspense, and even some romance. Grab your copy of Heart of power: Awakening of the Siren today. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed this book! This is not my usual genre but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. I love the author’s style and wit. All the characters were charming and likeable and had real depth. The two main characters had great chemistry. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.


In the first installment, we meet Natalie, an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl, enjoying a school trip with her crush. All is going well until a tragic accident claims the life of Natalie’s crush and leaves her near death. Luckily for her, a group of nearby sirens find her just in time and rather than let her die, they change her into a mystical beauty with supernatural powers. The author creates an authentic protagonist, whose maturity and wit are refreshing. Learning all about the sirens and living through all of Natalie’s ups and downs as she navigates her new life and falls in love with a human is well worth the read!

Chalkboard Man:

This book somehow nurtured my Siren curiosity, balanced it with contemporary life, and symbolized the benefits of new beginnings and/or second chances… all at the same time! And I certainly enjoyed the fun and rhyme-able aspects to common mysteries off the pages! For characters, I felt an easier chemistry in the original dynamics (between Melissa, Cathy, Roisin, Luke). But the entire flow was a good host to my attention. Excellent!

Roger & Jean Fauble:

My first read from author S.L. Giger and WOW! A page-turner from this (to me) new author. A different spin on the siren legend set in modern times. I don’t do spoilers but this is a well-written, enjoyable read. Best of all there’s a sequel Heart of Power: Rise of the Siren, the second book in what is to be a trilogy. I have to get this book to read and review!

Belle Luna:

I really enjoyed this book! I have always had a fascination with mermaids and sirens and I have to say this book made its way to the top of the list for me! It was a really unique on the author’s part to introduce us to the story and the concept of sirens by having Serena turn into one after suffering her fall. The plot was well crafted, the character development was well thought out and executed, and I can’t wait for the next book!


While on a school trip, 17-year-old Serena suffers a devastating fall. To save her life, she is transformed into a Siren.

Getting used to her new life isn’t easy. A new name, not being able to see her family, moving far away from home, and making new friends are only some of the challenges she faces.

I really enjoyed reading this story with its unique view of Sirens. Sirens are not quite what you would expect, but traditional lore is satisfactorily explained. Serena’s progression from carefree schoolgirl to supernatural young adult is fun to read. Her Siren abilities seem like a lot of fun too! I’m very much looking forward to reading more of this series.

Hershel Layne: 

I’m not a big fan of Urban Fantasy or Romance, but I am a HUGE fan of mythical creatures. That being the case this book was a good read because we finally get to see a seldom-used mythical creature, a Siren used as the main character.

James Haydon:

A unique take on who sirens are. I really enjoyed following along with Serena and Alex as they figure out her place in this new world and what her place is in it. Looking forward to reading more.


A great and innocent but nevertheless thrilling paranormal teen romance. Must read!!



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Interview with the author

Q: How did you get the ideas for this book?
A: I love books like Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games but so far, I’ve only always concentrated on writing contemporary romances. When I was travelling through South East Asia the weird, twisted roots in the jungle inspired me that there could be a whole different world inside ours and so I tried to add a paranormal element to my romance writing and turn it into an urban fantasy romance. When I started writing it in 2013, I wasn’t sure where it was going to lead but now I have a pretty clear picture of a whole urban fantasy series in three books.

Q: So, are there more books by you, which your readers can enjoy?
A: Well, there’s the sequel of Heart of Power (Rise of the Siren). Inside “Heart of Power: Awakening of the Siren”, you will find a link which will let you download it for free. Plus, I wrote another romance novel. “A sketch of what you mean to me” is a cancer love story and was published in February 2017.

Q: You work a full time job? So, when do you find the time for writing?
A: Anytime I can get. On the train, before work, after work, in airports, on a plane. Sometimes I feel a bit anti-social because I much rather would want to be home writing instead of going out on a Friday evening. I have to find a balance but I feel like writing gives me more energy because it’s something I really want to do.

Q: You mentioned planes and airports. Do you like to travel?
A: I love exploring beautiful places and I use every chance I can get to travel. I also try to keep up to date with my travel blog, which you find on my website www.swissmissontour.com

Q: Who will like the Heart of Power Series?
A: People who enjoy reading an urban fantasy mystery or a paranormal teen romance. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a young adult novel only. If you like Vampire books, I’d say the chance is big that you also like Siren books. I hope I can give something new to the readers, since Siren’s aren’t yet as explored as vampires. I address topics like having to leave your family and friends and finding your way in a new environment, how while growing up and even as an adult you are faced with choices every day and it’s important that you make a decision but that you also accept the consequences and of course, in Heart of Power, you will find the million butterflies, which you feel when you find the right guy for you and the insecurities love

Ebook categories: Urban fantasy romance, paranormal teen romance

This book is very original and unique, in the sense that offers us a new, fresh and modern glance at what is would be like for a Siren to exist and try to live among us a normal life. I loved the S. L. Giger’s take in the matter, how she presented us with the struggle Serena, who was now called Nathalie, as her old self is supposed to be dead, faced in her new life. The writing was easy, fast-paced and smooth, and I would totally love to get to know more about Nathalie’s story! (review by Caterina)

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