I love Thailand (travel guide)

I love Thailand: A helpful and personalized travel guide to make the best of your valuable time in Thailand

Why should you choose this guide book instead of any other?


Top 4 Reasons:

– It’s cheaper than other guide books
– Fellow other travellers and I tried everything in the travelguide ourselves and I describe in detail to you how we’ve done it, so that you can travel to the sights on your own and can save money on expensive guided tours or means of transport
– it’s very light because you can access it from your phone or an e-reader
– it will give you lots of inspiration and tells you about hidden gems you don’t want to miss

There are many great guide book options out there. Deciding on one can even be a bit overwhelming. When I travel, I usually rely on Lonely Planet, since in my opinion, they manage it better than anybody else to mention the most interesting places and the best things to see and do, plus you have it all compact in one book. However, there are two disadvantages: since so many people work on the other guide books, they are quite costly and if you carry them with you as a book, they are also pretty heavy and take a lot of space. Which I never have, when I travel.
Somehow my suitcase or backpack always gets too full. Therefore, I always jot down some notes before I start my travels but I hardly ever carry a guide book with me, except maybe as an e-reader. The second thing I don’t like about the other guide books is that even though they mention all the good places or transport options, they don’t explain how to do it. For example, what is the best way to cross that border or how would the locals travel to this place and where would the locals eat?
In “I love Thailand” you find all my personal experiences of my trips to Thailand. I loved every minute I spent in this versatile country. Paradise beaches, a stunning underwater world, bustling cities with great markets and waterfalls at which you can only stare in awe. Not to mention the delicious Thai food. I planned all my trips carefully with ideas out of all the good guide books I could find, so you don’t have to spend this money anymore. Plus I used TripAdvisor and many helpful blogs. So, if you want to have a more personal experience than the usual tourist and have some actual explanations how to have the best possible experience in a place, this guide book is definitely right for you.

Safe travels and eat a Pad Thai for me!

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It was a very useful and reliable guide and I’m glad I got it while being in Thailand, means I’ll definitely use it for the upcoming destinations in the country.
The best part of the guide is that she actually travelled this places herself so it has a more of personal point of view.
I also like that it’s not a long-boring guide with irrelevant details, having an idea of someones itinerary before knowing places might give a better approach to where to spend more or less time. Hopefully I’ll come here longer to go through all of it!
I hope there are more to come!



It’s a really good book with a lot of good tips and recommendations. I’ve never been to Thailand before, so it’s very useful that it’s written from the the view of a traveller. in my opinion it’s also a bonus that the writers experienced it all themselves. It makes it all look more doable. I highly recommend the guide. I’m already excited for my trip to thailand, but this book makes me wanna go even more !


Thomas Roux:

My girlfriend and I will be visiting Thailand in a few months so I was very excited to be able to read this!
Very informative and great breakdown of days and things we probably wouldn’t have expected!


Destinee Solis:

My husband and I are planning a trip to Thailand this year. This book had all there is to know and more. I highly recommend if you’ve never been there or don’t know where to begin on researching the place.



Such a great detailed guide! So glad I came across it and will definitely be using this for my travels! Looking forward to more hopefully!



Planning on going to Thailand this year and this book just get me even more excited! Many helpful tips and suggestions! 🙂


Grab it on Amazon.

Or order it directly through me (epub or mobi). I’d still be very happy about a review:



If you order it, please state your e-mail address and the ebook format (epub or mobi) during the order.