Surfing in Phuket (Kata)

kata beach

Thailand is not exactly known for wave surfing but I read that surfing in Phuket is possible and that on Kata beach there sometimes are really good waves. So, after my great scuba diving experience on Koh Phi Phi, I thought I’d try my luck with surfing as well.


From Koh Phi Phi to Kata-Koron Phuket

song ta eu

I booked a boat from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket for 300B. Usually it’s 350B but

since it’s still low season, everything is cheaper. At the pier, I was welcomed by all the overpriced mini-vans that would bring you to wherever you want to go on Phuket. There would be a cheap pink bus into downtoen Phuket for about 30B but I didn’t know how long I’d have to wait and so just started walking. It would probably have been about 2km to get to the local bus station but somewhere along the road, a minivan driver took pity on me and just picked me up for free.
In Phuket Town I boarded a blue bus to Kata Koron for 35B. The last one already leaves at 5.30pm and the ride to the beaches takes about 40min.
Along the way we also passed the big Central Festival Mall which is great for shopping.

Kata and Korong

There are mostly hotels in these two towns and only few hostels but therefore these hostels have a great standard!
I chose to stay in Koron because there I could see the sea from my room. I quite liked the long stretch of sand and now in October it wasn’t crowded at all.

Where to eat

I really liked the atmosphere in Village Villa and the prices where almost like on a Thai street market.


The best Thai massage

I had my best Thai massage at “The Beach Massage” right at the beginning of Koron. The lady even used Tiger balm which felt great on my sore muscles from all the hiking.


Surfing in Kata

sufring in kata

Most times the waves are better in Kata than in Koron and so I walked the 10min from Koron to Kata. You can rent surfboards anywhere along the beach for about 200 B per hour but I found the nicest place one stair after the beach entrance to Club Med. The guy there let me have it for 1.5h on two days for 250B.
Ob the first day, the waves were perfect for beginners like me!! There are no rocks or anything and so it’s very safe. On the second day, the waves were already almost tol big. They were around 2m and were supposed to go up to 4m in the next two days. I really was there during the right time. Apparently, surfing season only lasts from August to October and even then you can’t be too sure of good waves. However, when I was there, they were great!




From Phuket to Bangkok


There are flights around 40$ from Phuket to Bangkok with AirAsia but since I don’t like flying, I took a 12 hour night bus from Phuket Town to Bangkok. The buses leave from bus terminal 2 in Phuket Town which can be reached with the blue airport bus or a cheap moto taxi.
Unfortunately, the buses in Thailand are not like in Vietnam and you can’t really lie down and sleep. Plus, the a/c was turned up so high that I ended up with a bad cold:( Our VIP bus stopped twice along the way. At 0.30am we stopped to have a free dinner. Luckily, the lady next to me spoke a little English, otherwise I wouldn’t have known where to get my free meal (like the other tourists at the front of the bus).
We reached Bangkok at 5.30am with the possibility to get off at Mochit or Sai Tai Mai.