How to get to Don Mueang Airport (DMK) in Bangkok

Bangkok has two international airports and both are easily reachable with public transport. So far, I only always travelled to and from Suvarnabhumi by City Line Sky train. If you ride to the last stop it costs 45 THB and from there you can hop on the BTS or metro line. But this time I flew on to Myanmar with Air Asia and their base is at Don Mueang airport. Read on to find out how to get to Don Mueang Airport and what kinds of facilities you find there.

How to get to Don Mueang Airport

If you stay in the modern part of Bangkok and have access to the BTS, ride to Mo Chit station and then follow the signs to Don Mueang airport bus. It leaves every 20 minutes from stop A1 and A2. The stop is located at one of the stairways down from the BTS station next to Chatuchak park. The bus takes between 15 and 40 minutes and costs 30 THB. I left from Bang Chak and it took me 30 minutes to get to Mo Chit (59 THB). Then, another 30 minutes to the airport, since I hardly had to wait for the bus.

If you are in the Khaosan area I frankly recommend to take a taxi or arrange a transport because by bus it might take you half a day just to get out of the area.

Facilities at Don Mueang airport

I imagined Don Mueang airport to be very small with maybe one expensive restaurant. Boy, was I wrong. There is a big check-in hall and on the second level you can find a huge food court. Appetizers start at 75 THB and meals are usually between 250THB and 350 THB. The drinks are pretty expensive as normally, a Thai tea costs about 25 THB and the cheapest you can find at the airport is 75 THB. So, better enjoy that before you get to the airport. Here you could also go to Starbucks. There even is one before and after passport control. Same for McDonalds. Depending on which gate you have, you will have a restaurant at your gate but for sure there will be a small shop. You will definitely find something to spend your last THB. I was very positively surprised of the dutyfree variety at Don Mueang airport and over all of everything they had at the airport.

If you just come to the airport to drop someone off, you could watch them fly away at the free indoor viewing room and then take the bus back to Mo Chit again.

Where are you flying next from Don Mueang airport?