Most beautiful gardens in Paris

I don’t know why anyone would say that there aren’t enough green spaces in Paris. On the contrary, there are so many spacious leisurely gardens. It is hard to decide which one is prettier than the other. Following are the most beautiful gardens in Paris worth visiting. I listed them in order, starting with the one I liked best.

garden of versailles

The 6 most beautiful gardens in Paris

  • Jardin des Plantes

While still being noticeably big, this garden wasn’t as vast as some of the others. This makes strolling through it easier. There were beautiful flowers, and roses as well as a romantic gazebo on a small hill.

jardin des plantes paris
  • Promenade Plantée

This isn’t really a park but a long (4.5 km) stretch of green spaces on top of a viaduct. You find plants, flowers, bamboo, benches, outdoor fitness installations, etc. It was the inspiration for New York’s High Line. If you come here during lunchtime on a lovely day, you will encounter locals enjoying their takeaway lunches up here. You can access it through stairs in many places along the viaduct, for example north of Gare de Lyon. Go as far as you like.

promenade plantee paris
  • Jardin du Trocadéro

You see, I prefer the smaller parks to the bigger ones since you will be walking enough in Paris anyway. You probably don’t want to have to cross huge fields first until you find the next pretty fountain. This park has a few enchanted corners with a small stream and a nice playground for children. On top of that, you have a pleasant view of the Eiffel Tower from the benches. Plus, it’s much quieter than in the not very nice green space on the other side of the Eiffel Tower.

most beautiful gardens paris
  • Jardin du Luxembourg

This is a big park with the Luxembourg Palace at one end and a beautiful fountain with a sculpture of a globe at the other end. There are flowers that make the area picturesque, and many public chairs are situated around a water basin. Come here for a chat with a friend or read a book and enjoy the sunshine along with all the other people around you who do the same.

jardin de louxemburg
  • Jardin de Versailles

There are a lot of picturesque fountains in this park, and you can enjoy the view of Château Versailles at the beginning of the park. There also is a pond on which you can have a romantic boat ride.

The downside is that the park is so big, that you can use it as a half-day walking activity, simply to visit all the corners (you will walk at least 8 km if you want to visit all the sections of the park.) If you want, you can rent expensive bicycles or golf carts (38 EUR/hour). Often, the park now has an entry fee of 9.50 EUR since they animate the fountains with lights and music. You can check online on which days there are no musical gardens. Then the entry is free (for example on Mondays, when the castle is closed as well.) Read how to get to Versailles below.

jardin de versailles
  • Jardin de Tuileries

This garden is next to the Louvre and also offers chairs and benches in nice, grassy areas or planted alleys. It’s good if you need a place to relax for a while when visiting the museums and the city center. However, to me it felt too big and open compared to some of the other gardens.

jardin de tuileries

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