What to do on Paros – Enjoy this beautiful Greek island

Swim, ride a scooter and enjoy relaxed village life. Those are only a few of the things of what to do on Paros. You can spend a wonderful time on this island. Accommodation might be more expensive here than on Santorini but, therefore, food is a bit cheaper.

paros city

Explore Parikia

The port town is a good place to be based at. You can walk from the ferry port along the pretty promenade, which is a perfect spot for drinks or a meal during the sunset. Browse the white alleys and find picturesque corners for photos. Visit the Byzantine church in the old town. It’s free to enter and it has a pretty dome made of bricks.

Once, we walked all the way to the small beach in front of Paros Bay Hotel. It’s not worth the trip as the water was a bit murky and the beach not so clean. Plus, you need to walk along the main road. Livadia Beach near Stella Hotel is much better, and you don’t even have to walk far from the port. Also, on the way to that beach, you find a small metal hut on the boardwalk (in front of the fishing boats). There, you can fill up your water bottle for 5 cents per liter.

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Rent a scooter

With a European driver’s license, you have no problems renting a scooter (10 EUR per day). As a Swiss person, you need to ask around town until you find an office that lends the scooter to you (without you having the license for it). I know, in Asia it’s no problem to rent a scooter but in Greece, they take it seriously with the Swiss license and no matter how much experience you might have, they will only give you a quad. However, don’t be fooled. Quads are just as dangerous as scooters and I have seen several quad injuries while doing an internship at a hospital in Switzerland.

Anyway, once you have your rental vehicle, you are free to discover all the pretty corners of Paros.

renting a scooter on paros
  • Kolympethres Beach

This is a small beach near Naousa. It’s sandy, there are some trees for shade and the water is a light clear blue.

  • Naousa Town

Naousa you could also easily visit by bus from Parikia. It’s definitely worth to be explored since there are some terraces in white alleys right next to the sea.

SoSoRo is a good vegetarian restaurant with delicious smoothies (8.50 EUR), and salads or toasts with all kinds of delicacies (around 9 EUR). Prices might be a bit higher, but the plates look really nice.

sunset paros
  • Lefkes

The drive up the hill to Lefkes is nice as the surroundings become greener and you see the sea in the distance. It is another pretty town with windows and doors in blue hues and inviting cafés.

  • Golden Beach

This is a 2 km long stretch of sand. This time it really is sand without any rocks and it is easy to enter the clear water. You could rent windsurf gear or a beach chair and umbrella.

  • Feel like on Highway #1 in California

The nicest stretch of road on the scooter lies between Glyfa and Alyki. You curve on hills next to the blue sea and you know what freedom feels like.

Make a trip to a nearby island

By ferry or speedboat, you can quickly get to Ios (9 EUR), Naxos (10 EUR), or Mykonos (33 EUR).

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